Goji Berries in the US

For those within the US, Tibetan goji berries (Himalayan goji berries) were virtually unheard of except in limited circles until quite recently. While Tibetan goji berries health benefits have been known for a long time outside of the US, it has taken until only recently for people in the US to begin to catch on to goji berries benefits and goji berries nutrition advantages for health. For a long time it was even impossible to find where to buy goji berries in the US.

Unfortunately inside the US there is now almost so much hype of goji berries nutrition benefits and particularly goji juice benefits that some of the claims of goji berries benefits are becoming too grand. Health benefits of goji berries are real - and in these pages we'll help sort out for those in the US who are bombarded with goji berry cureall promises what goji berries benefits are true and which are not.

More to come...

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