Goji Berries Health Benefits

We first heard of goji berries quite a long time ago now when a friend offered us a chance to buy goji juice. We declined at the time, as we didn't know anything about the real health benefits of goji berries and were both skeptical about the goji berries benefits claimed and didn't feel we needed to change anything about our diet at the time. We have since taken to eating dried goji berries (dried Tibetan goji berries) as part of our regular diabetic diet and recently have begun to explore the health benefits of goji berries type 2 diabetes glucose control as we manage our dietary control of diabetes. This has led to our recent discovery that of the many health benefits of goji berries, one benefit which we have heretofore overlooked is that for us dried goji berries are as successful or more successful in lowering our blood glucose levels after meals than dried dragon fruit (which as been a staple for us for the diabetes dragon fruit health benefits).

This website will share our experience with Tibetan goji berries and our specific tests of diabetes goji berries benefits. We are seeing so far goji berries diabetes health benefits on par or superior to our experience with diabetes dragon fruit benefits as described elsewhere at Foodlywise.com websites and examined in detail along with comparison to other dietary control of diabetes methods such as capsaicin diabetes control. Compare goji berries diabetes benefits to dragon fruit benefits at the dragon fruit diabetes pages at DiabeticLifeDiet.com and the new guide to managing type 2 diabetes through lifestyle intervention at DiabetesLifeGuide.com.

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