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These Tibetan Goji Berries (Himalayan Goji Berries) pages of Foodlywise.com will explain, explore, and expose the health benefits of goji berries and tell you what goji berries nutrition benefits and goji berries health benefits are hype and what benefits are reality.

We'll compare Tibetan goji berries health benefits with those of the Dragon Fruit Cactus Fruit (also known as the Pitaya Fruit or Pitahaya Fruit) and examine goji berries diabetes control as it compares to dragon fruit diabetes control among other aspects of dietary control of diabetes (dietary control of type 2 diabetes).

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Tibetan Goji Berries Benefits

There are many tremendous health benefits of goji berries (Goji berries are Tibetan goji berries, or Himalayan goji berries - named after their origin in Tibet). Health benefits of goji berries have been know for a long time in Tibet, but not until recently has the goji berry become an international celebrity of sorts. Finally more of the world is learning of the Tibetan goji berries benefits and goji berries nutrition benefits, but at the same time as a result some health benefits of goji berries are exaggerated or misstated. We aim to clarify what goji berries benefits are real and what goji berries health benefits are hype vs. reality.

Goji Berries Diabetes Benefits

Of the many health benefits of goji berries, one of most important is the potential for goji berries to help with dietary control of diabetes. Goji berries nutrition benefits add a double bonus to goji berries diabetes control benefits and make goji berries diabetes control far superior to diabetes control through medications which can have dangerous side effects and lack all of the Tibetan goji berries nutrition benefits such as goji berries antioxidants and vitamins, fiber and the like.

We'll detail real world tests of type 2 diabetes goji berries benefits and specifically compare goji berries diabetes benefits to the dragon fruit diabetes benefits and capsaicin diabetes benefits which are already documented in detail at the DiabeticLifeDiet dietary control of diabetes website.

More to come...


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